Створення брелка

Було взято аніме героя як модель, та за допомогою корела перетворено у векторне зображення. Після чого вирізано готовий варіант на лазерному верстаті.

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Creation of a control machine in the field of machining and mechanical assembly

Developing a control system through the application of rigid logical principles. Designing a control machine by utilizing a logical controller from the PIC family and also considering the use of a logic controller from the PLC “FATEK” family. Planning and implementing an electro-pneumatic scheme for the fundamental operation of a robot-manipulator. This project aims to […]

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Control of Dobot Magician through Blocky

Dobot Magician is a popular robot for education and research that can be programmed using a variety of programming languages, including block languages ​​such as Blockly. Blockly is a visual programming language that allows users to build programs by dragging blocks together. This is especially useful for beginners and children, as it allows you to […]

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Mini-meteostation with wireless connection

Mini-meteostations with wireless connection have emerged as a valuable tool for collecting and sharing weather data in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These mini-meteostations are equipped with various components, such as a microcontroller, a sensor, a display, an RF module, and aGSM module. The microcontroller serves as the heart of the mini-meteostation, allowing for data […]

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TLF (Turtle Line Follower) Movable platform on Arduino

This is a widely used open source microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P microcontroller. It includes everything you need to work comfortably with a microcontroller: 14 digital inputs / outputs (6 of them can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, 16 MHz quartz resonator, USB connector, power connector, connector for programming inside the […]

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Main photo Danci Mykolaichuk

Driving simulation in a Virtual Reality environment

The project developed aims to create and simulate a driving environment through which the user can experience some of the situations that may arise in handling a motor vehicle.
Objectives: create the project and install the necessary libraries and dependencies, create the room, scenario, environment and import necessary objects, create and adjust object/environment interaction and collisions, implementation of car driving mechanics, implementing animations that follow the user’s movements

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Development of the design of the Laval adjustable nozzle

Wing type nozzle have two position: a) – the nozzle flap is in the “closed” position; b) – the nozzle flap is in the “opened” position. Opening and closing means move the link curtain. a) – 3D model b) – printed parts on a 3D printer

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